Me, myself and I

20200922_203604My name is Marta Chavarriga and I was born in 1980 in Barcelona. In general terms I’d say that I am a passionate, determined, sociable, extrovert and adaptable friend-mum-teacher… Some of my hobbies are: TV series, books, music, mountain biking, travelling, the forest and anything related to British culture.

I have been working as a teacher since 1998. I have also been a mentor for quite a long time now. I am currently the Head of the Foreign Languages Department and I am also in charge of coordinating the international projects in my current school INS Manuel de Montsuar, in Lleida. I absolutely love both English language and British culture as well as literature. If I weren’t a teacher I’d probably work in anything related to communication. I love working with teenagers and fostering their speaking and creative skills in English.

This is an educational and inspiring blog where you will find my ESO and Batxillerat English students’ work and projects as well as useful resources to improve your English.

Do not hesitate in posting your comments and views.

I do hope you enjoy it!



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