3rd and 4th ESO ADS: “Let’s Sell Healthy Stuff”

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You’ll have to record and upload a video advertising a healthy product. The product can either be real or you can invent it. It should basically improve our lifestyle. You can record 2 ads or 1 long ad.

We’ll watch some ads first so that you get inspired by them and find out your own ideas.


You’ll work in pairs or groups of 3.


  • Write the script. Remember that every member of the group MUST talk in English and MUST be on screen.
  • Your teacher will correct it so once you have the corrected version you can get together and record the video. If you can’t find the way to meet outside school you can tell your teacher and record the ad here in school.
  • You can use background music and you can also dress-up (use props).
  • Then all your classmates will watch the ads and vote for the best one.




VIDEO: 5th FEBRUARY 2020 (it should be in Youtube or in any other online platform, you should also keep it in your usb or laptop in case the internet connection doesn’t work that day.


  • To improve your speaking skills
  • To improve your communicative skills
  • To have a good time
  • To know what it takes to sell a product
  • To get creative!

Let’s get down to it! I’m sure you’ll do a great work.

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