Speaking Games in “Àgora”

Today our 4th of ESO students have had a great time talking in English through different games: B1 speaking practice: in pairs and for approximateley 15 minutes they had to ask each other questions regarding common pictures and talk about their views and opinions on topics related to the pictures. That exercise is very similarContinue reading “Speaking Games in “Àgora””

Learning English with board games: does it work?

How can you do it in your English class? 1- Organise the classroom in different corners, 1 corner per game (I tend to have 7 corners) 2- Make groups of maximum 3 students. 3- Use just 5 minutes to tell them the instructions to play every game. 4- Tell them they will have just 7Continue reading “Learning English with board games: does it work?”


Post your videos answering the questions related to the book you’ve read: READERS GUIDELINE Answer all the following questions in English. Write between a minimum of 50 words for each question: Summarise the PLOT of the book: Describe your favourite CHARACTER (physical and psychological description): What’s the CLIMAX (the most important moment in the book)?Continue reading “BOOKTUBERS 4th of ESO and 1st of BATXILLERAT”