Speaking Games in “Àgora”

Today our 4th of ESO students have had a great time talking in English through different games:

  • B1 speaking practice: in pairs and for approximateley 15 minutes they had to ask each other questions regarding common pictures and talk about their views and opinions on topics related to the pictures. That exercise is very similar to what they will find in the real B1 test.
  • Story Telling Memory Game: players sit in a circle (in groups of 5 or 6) and one student begins a story with a single word they wish. The players take turns repeating the sentences and adding a new one. If someone misses a word, they are out. The student who is able to tell the story without a mistake is the winner.
  • 2 Truths and 1 Lie: a student tells two personal and true anecdotes and an invented one which is by all means a lie. The other players will have to guess which one is the lie!

It was great to see them engaged and motivated! Thank you!

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