“1st Foreign Languages Week” at INS Manuel de Montsuar

Hi there!

I guess it was about time we started to tell you about the latest news so far! We’ve been really busy at INS Manuel de Montsuar these last weeks… In fact, we’ve just made our debut with our “1st Foreign Languages Week” with loads of activities and workshops going on. It’s been a hectic week though very enriching and fun too and we’d love to let you know about it!

Prior to this hectic week, our Foreign Languages Department organised a logo contest so that our students showed their artistic and creative skills to helps us find the best logo that would introduce our “1st Foreign Languages Week”. This logo should highlight in its design the 3 foreign languages at our school: French, English and German as well as display any reference to the world of drama. We had one winner and also a runner-up. This is the poster we designed to invite the students to participate:

The 25th of October marked the launch of the “1st Foreign Languages Week” with 3 performances in English for all the students which took place in our “Saul Craviotto Pavillion”. The plays in English were organised by the English Theatre Company (ETC) and the plays were: “Monkey Business” for 1st and 2nd cycle students and “Stand Up 2” for the Batxillerat ones.

Then, from Tuesday 26th of October until the 2nd of November all our “ESO” students attended “Step On Stage” woskhops, which were theatre-related activities in English guided by instructors form “Aula de Teatre de Lleida”. All the students had the chance to actually “step on stage” and rehearse and perform small sketches and scenes using English. Finally, on Tuesday the 26th there was a closing showcase for each course introducing the best performances from each class. The students assessed the workshop positively and we are convinced they improved their English a little bit more.

There were also entertaining activities in the French and German classes also connected to the world of drama. The foreign languages teachers organised active learning activities that fostered the students’ communicative skills in English and also broadened their knowledge on the world of drama and theatre.

We consider that it’s been a really successful week for the students. We could organise all these workshops thanks to a funding received by the European Community. We do hope our students have the chance of experiencing different ways of learning foreign languages like these the next course!

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