Defend your stand with your English

The 4th of ESO students have been debating about the Catalan educational system. Organisation:

1- They were randomly divided in 2 groups.

2- They were randomly given the position they would have to defend.

3- The positions regarding the issue were: FOR or AGAINST the Catalan educational system.

4- They had ro pick up a set of discussion link words or expressions. The more they use, the better.

5- They had to make a list of all the arguments and ideas that would support their position, so they would have to use them convincingly.

6- Each member of the team should talk for approximately the same amount of time.

7- They must use English at all times.

8- They must NOT interrupt their partners. Should they wish to do so, they can only interrupt them using the appropriate link word.

9- The team which accomplished to master 4 to 8 won the debate!

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