4 ESO (2nd language) SOMEONE I ADMIRE

The 4th of ESO students have thought about someone they admire and here are their videos, hope you enjoy them all!

These questions may inspire you…

Who is that person?

Can you describe them personally and psychologically?

Why are they important to you?

What impact do / did they have in your life?

Did they change something in their own lives?

Woyld you like to be like them? How?

Fostering creativity with Story Cubes!

In the 2nd language English class the students have enjoyed their time writing 4 original and crazy fiction stories using Story Cubes. In cooperative and heterogeneous groups, they threw the dice which contained different pictures and once they got the picture they had to come up with a sentence or idea to include in the text. They enjoyed their time and they put their creative minds to work, besides they learnt how to write a catchy  and funny story using their English, so both oral and written production were mastered.


Thank you all for your effort and attitude in class!





3rd and 4th ESO ADS: “Let’s Sell Healthy Stuff”

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You’ll have to record and upload a video advertising a healthy product. The product can either be real or you can invent it. It should basically improve our lifestyle. You can record 2 ads or 1 long ad.

We’ll watch some ads first so that you get inspired by them and find out your own ideas.


You’ll work in pairs or groups of 3.


  • Write the script. Remember that every member of the group MUST talk in English and MUST be on screen.
  • Your teacher will correct it so once you have the corrected version you can get together and record the video. If you can’t find the way to meet outside school you can tell your teacher and record the ad here in school.
  • You can use background music and you can also dress-up (use props).
  • Then all your classmates will watch the ads and vote for the best one.




VIDEO: 5th FEBRUARY 2020 (it should be in Youtube or in any other online platform, you should also keep it in your usb or laptop in case the internet connection doesn’t work that day.


  • To improve your speaking skills
  • To improve your communicative skills
  • To have a good time
  • To know what it takes to sell a product
  • To get creative!

Let’s get down to it! I’m sure you’ll do a great work.


booktubers image

Here you can post your links to your videos on youtube. Talk about the book you’ve read and follow these steps to help you:

  • Summarise the PLOT of the book:


  • Describe your favourite CHARACTER (physical and psychological description):


  • What’s the CLIMAX (the most important moment in the book)? Describe it:


  • How does the story end? Explain:


  • What GENRE is it? Give arguments to support your answer:


  • Did you like it? Why or why not? Explain:


  • Do you feel identified with any of the characters or with the story itself? How can you relate the content on the book with your life? What similarities can you find? Explain:



  • Write a different ending to the one in the book:


The 4th of ESO “English as a second language” students have thought and designed the questions of a trivial which focuses on 7 topics related to 4 English speaking countries they have chosen: The Republic of Ireland, Canada, The United Kingdom and Australia. The topics dealt with are:

  • Food
  • History
  • Traditions
  • Symbols
  • Celebrities
  • Music
  • General knowledge

Today they have been playing and having fun with a teaching material they have created themselves and which may be useful for future groups. Learning a language is not only about being skilfull and fluent in language in isolation but also about being familiar with the cultural values that shape a country’s national and personal identity.

Congratulations to all the 4th of ESO students for their enthusiasm and creativity!