Here you’ll find some of our INS Manuel de Montsuar‘s English students communicative tasks. Students are aware of how paramount it is to show confidence and be fluent in spoken English. That is why teachers make a great effort to motivate their students to develop their speaking skills. Sometimes it may seem challenging because students do not have many chances to practise their English and so they lack confidence. However, if they can talk about their interests and worries it gets easier to get them to talk.

The Happiest Day of My Life

3 ESO, 4 ESO, 4 ESO (2nd language) and 1 BAT (2nd language) Take a minute to sit and think about the happiest day of your life. Watch these two videos. In the first one people from different ages and ethnic groups talk about their best day ever. The second is a 12 minutes-long TED…

Hiya! We’re back with… STORY CUBES

Once again our 4th of ESO students have written original and hilarious short stories using “Story Cubes”. They wrote outlandish and weird stories in small groups. You can have a good read in our school’s corridor.


Here you can post your links to your videos on youtube. Talk about the book you’ve read and follow these steps to help you: Summarise the PLOT of the book:   Describe your favourite CHARACTER (physical and psychological description):   What’s the CLIMAX (the most important moment in the book)? Describe it:   How does…

Coping with coronavirus online

  Today we’ve spoken about the students’ lives with coronavirus and they have talked about their feelings. It’s been a nice way of sharing how we feel and how we can feel better these days. Thank you for your cooperation!

4 ESO (2nd language) SOMEONE I ADMIRE

The 4th of ESO students have thought about someone they admire and here are their videos, hope you enjoy them all! These questions may inspire you… Who is that person? Can you describe them personally and psychologically? Why are they important to you? What impact do / did they have in your life? Did they…

3rd and 4th ESO ADS: “Let’s Sell Healthy Stuff”

LET’S SELL HEALTHY STUFF! WHAT? You’ll have to record and upload a video advertising a healthy product. The product can either be real or you can invent it. It should basically improve our lifestyle. You can record 2 ads or 1 long ad. We’ll watch some ads first so that you get inspired by them…


The 4th of ESO “English as a second language” students have thought and designed the questions of a trivial which focuses on 7 topics related to 4 English speaking countries they have chosen: The Republic of Ireland, Canada, The United Kingdom and Australia. The topics dealt with are: Food History Traditions Symbols Celebrities Music General…

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